The Optical Confederation has produced guidance on:

Accessible Information Standard (update) - September 2015

Accessible Information Standard (update) - March 2016

Accessible Information Standard guidance - July 2016

Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Applying for a non-tolerance voucher - April 2018 and application form for applying for a non-tolerance voucher

Bribery Act 2011

Bank ring-fencing - Advice note

Cataract Referrals and Professional Liability

Complaints System in England

Continuing Education and Training (CET) payment directions

Cooling-off Period

Cross Border Healthcare and Patient Mobility in Europe

Data Protection and GDPR guidance  - July 2018

Dispute Resolution

Ebola Virus Disease and Mitigating Risk + Associated PHE Form

Enhanced Service - Repeat Intra-ocular Pressure Measurements

GOS Contracts (England)

GOS contract application process - April 2018

Greater Choice and Control - NHS and Any Qualified Provider (AQP)

Lone Working

Making Accurate Claims in England

Making Accurate Claims in Scotland 

Making Accurate Claims in Wales

Managing Non-Tolerance Issues

NHS Choices

NHS Commissioning in England April 2013

Optical Products as Medical Devices - MHRA Registration Form (RG2)

Overseas Visitor Charging Regulations and eye care services

The Use of Flourescein in Primary Care

Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults - updated June 2017

Safe practice: Eye testing

Sight Tests at Home

Sight Test Intervals

Single use plastic carrier bag charge in England

Social Media and Electronic Communication

Spectacle sales from display - March 2018 

Universal Credit update - March 2018

Working Time Directive 

Tax Points:

Good Tax Housekeeping and HMRC Resolution (Issue 2/12)

RTI Changes and Budget (Issue 1/2013)

Autumn Statement 2013 (Issue 2/2013)

Budget 2014 (Issue 1/2014)