Health Select Committee urged to carry out further inquiry into primary care, following release of their report

25 April 2016

The Health Select Committee published the report on their inquiry into Primary Care on Thursday 21st April.

The Committee’s fourth report of Session 2015–16, Primary Care outlines how access to primary care can be improved.

While the Committee sets out the role of GPs and pharmacists, it does not include other parts of Primary Care, such as the optical sector.

Chris Hunt, Chair of the Optical Confederation said: “We welcome this report of the Health Select Committee’s inquiry into Primary Care and we understand the pressures of time and resources.

“However, it would be good if the Committee would carry out a further inquiry into the other parts of primary care, on how by working together we can improve support to individuals in the community, care closer to home and relieve pressures on hospitals, GPs and pharmacists.”

A full version of the report can be found on the Committee’s website: